Career-Focused Curriculum (The Lynk)

Internships the 蹤獲扦 way

At 蹤獲扦, we believe education is at its best when it connects directly to the real world. Thats what makes internships so powerful theyre your laboratories for transforming theory into action and exploring career paths that you find meaningful. To ensure all 蹤獲扦 students have the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom, we created the Lynk a program that provides every sophomore and junior with internship funding and a toolkit of resources to help them get the most out of an internship experience. What connections will you make?

How it works

Because everyone should have equal access to life-changing opportunities, all sophomore and junior students are welcome to apply for funding for qualified summer internships or research experiences. After youve completed your internship or research experience, youll present what you learned to the 蹤獲扦 community as part of the LEAP Symposium, Senior Symposium or other qualified event. And to help you get the most out of your experience, youll also enroll in a course centered around reflecting on your internship (such as COLL 211, Reflecting Back, or a capstone course).