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International Learning

Explore beyond borders

An international learning experience is as exhilarating as it is important. Increasing your understanding of how the world works and collaborating across cultures are key to success in a global future. Thats why at 蹤獲扦 you can make international learning a part of your education in ways that work for you. Whether its a study abroad program, international research experience or classes with our diverse student body, youll gain a global perspective on everything from physics to philosophy.

A global commitment

As an institution and a community, we encourage everyone to broaden their perspectives. Experiencing new cultures, languages and ways of thinking are a daily part of life at 蹤獲扦.

Students in the connected courses of professors Kavita Khory, politics, and Nieves Romero-D穩az, Spanish, have gained a deeper understanding of Spains Mosque-Cathedral of C籀rdoba by studying together from their separate disciplines.

The center is the hub for international experiences, programming and resources at 蹤獲扦 its your gateway to the world.

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Study abroad offers you a way to immerse yourself in a new culture and community so you can explore your role as a global citizen.

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Peer advising

Peer advisors who have prior experience with learning abroad are available for consultations with students considering study, research or internships abroad.

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The McCulloch Center offers opportunities for students to advance their global competenciesand for faculty to incorporate global perspectives into their teaching. We collaborate with partners to weave global education into the 蹤獲扦 experience.

Fatoumata Gadjigo
  • Senior Administrative Assistant, McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives